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VoiceTech Systems offers analysis, product selection, design and development for companies seeking to improve customer service, automate office tasks, and reduce operating costs via computer telephony related products. Our staff is experienced in understanding our client needs and being able to offer cost-effective, powerful solutions to meet their business objectives.

VoiceTech Systems is a provider of integrated Computer Telephony solutions to small and medium size businesses and government agencies. Based in New York we offer voice, data and telecommunications solutions. This background has enabled us to understand our customer needs and be able to offer cost-effective solutions. We specialize in Intelligent Phone Systems, Customized Voice Mail Systems, Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR), and Enhanced Fax Back Solutions.

VoiceTech Systems combines the technologies of voice, fax, LAN and e-mail systems to address solutions for automating a company’s workflow. The systems we develop are designed to automate many of the routine tasks associated with the retrieval, assembly and communication of information. Recent advancements in voice, fax, personal computers, and networking technologies have given rise to a number of products designed to automate the manual handling of information.

With strong relationships established with well-known leaders in the voice automation industry, we are positioned to take advantage of this exploding technology. We are enthusiastic about the exciting opportunities ahead, by being able to offer our clients these proven, reputable and solid products.

VoiceTech Systems is dedicated to providing high quality business communication solutions with unsurpassed customer care. Every system is unique and tailored to our customer’s needs. Providing interactive computer telephony solutions is our only business. Voice Tech only sells solutions that we can stand behind with confidence and pride.

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